For the last two months I have been receiving treatment once weekly from Heather.  The treatments consists of acupuncture and massages, and they worked wonders for me. I had been experiencing constant pain & tingling & numbness, and since Heather has been treating me, those symptoms have just about disappeared. Two added benefits that I have derived, are the lowering of my blood pressure, which was always high and my loss of the fear of needles which always plagued me. Heather is very professional & knowledgable, and I would proudly recommend her to anyone. ~ Florence 

Over a period of 25 years, I've had several occasions to need acupuncture, and have had several acupuncturists, and Heather is definitely a top of the list professional practitioner of this therapy.

She's amazingly diligent, and truly cares for her clients, and has a sweetheart personality to boot. I had a broken shoulder this past year, and had Heather treat me for several months.  Not only did she help make my shoulder feel better as well as contribute to making my shoulder work better, but if I had any other twitchy problem at the same time, like a sore knee, she would also zap it with her magical needles! I also like that she connects the needles to electrical current to further stimulate the healing process. In my opinion, this is the best method. If I'm in need of acupuncture in the future, Heather is my gal! ~ Carol W.

Heather has a smooth soothing gentle way of speaking and healing with her hands and needles. Her presence alone is reassuring.  My muscle knots disappear  while I fall asleep almost every time.  She always checks to see what I need and how I feel but she already knows more often than not.  I need the treatment because she provides me with pain management and rehab sessions for my spine but under her care it feels more like a rare luxury. ~CH

Heather is a great healer! She understands and accommodates what my tired body needs. I benefitted her massage and acupuncture. She has relieved me of both physical pain and mental stress. She is really client oriented and flexible in booking time. She is one of the best around in NY! ~ YH

Heather was highly recommended by a colleague of mine and I have had treatments from her for over two years. She has been always very dedicated and compassionate. She knows how to massage very well and also has a wide knowledge of aromatherapy. Every time I receive treatment from her, I get euphoria and feel like I became a new and happier person. I would like to keep seeing her as long as possible. ~ Hisae

I've been receiving treatments from Heather for over a year now, and my back and entire body has never felt so limber, healthy, and pain-free! An hour spent with Heather is like an hour spent in paradise, as she always uses the perfect amount of pressure and finds and treats your most troublesome areas with great care and precision. I highly recommend any treatment with Heather, as she is most competent and caring acupuncturist/masseuse in the city. ~ Lauren 

When I am with Heather, I feel that I am in the presence of a true healer.  She is calm, careful, attentive, and truly concerned about my well-being. ~ Russell 

I know FIVE stars may seem excessive, but every one of them is well deserved. Heather is professional, gentle, and only does treatments you are comfortable with and ready for. 

I have been getting treatments on and off now for nearly 2 years and always think of going to her first when health issues arise as I know that she will provide me with the proper guidance on selecting the best treatment. 

I’ve seen her business grow over the past couple of years and its no surprise that the friends I’ve referred to her are just as satisfied as me. ~ D. J.

Heather has been my Acupuncturist for only a handful of sessions so far, but the results of my treatment are undeniable. Not only have I noticed the difference but so has everyone else that knows me. 

I did have quite a few areas of concern that I wanted to address when my assessment was first completed. I did have frequent heartburn, some light aching in my joints, and to top it all off, I have been known to have some anger and anxiety issues. Now, after only a handful of sessions, everyone around me acknowledges a change in me without even knowing that I get acupuncture. My joints are feeling better, my heartburn is less frequent, and even my girlfriend says that I am much more of a pleasant person now.

I do believe that I need more work done. In fact, I will continue to have my sessions with Heather for a long time to come because she is THE BEST. She is very attentive to my comfort and she is very precise in her work. Overall, a breath of fresh air. I leave my sessions feeling like a new man, without a care in the world. 

My sessions have been life changing, to say the least. For all the people who are skeptical about acupuncture, I was just like you. I challenge any skeptic to have just one session with Heather and find out what you've been missing. 

Thank you, Heather. I am eternally grateful. Everyone should get acupuncture from Heather. Seriously. ~ L.C. 

I had two treatment of acupuncture that reduced my pain level from a severe 10 to a livable 4. It also held me for nine days without a painkiller. I’m going to continue my treatment for a year. I thank you for you acupuncture treatments. ~ Harriet A. 

As a Marathoner recovering from a torn calf, acupuncture from Heather Ricard is instrumental on my road to recovery. Heather really listens to her patients and takes into consideration the nature of the injuries and how they impact other parts of the body. Heather's knowledge and experience as an acupuncturist is evident in her strategic placement of treatment, which promotes balanced and effective healing. I immediately felt a difference in movement and energy during my first appointment; I highly recommend Heather Ricard to anyone recovering from any injury and/or ailment. ~ Monica

I have been an Argentine tango dance for 2.5 years. I had been struggling with knee pain and back pain that probably came from my 25-year classical ballet training and tango. After I found out exercise that an physical therapist told me didn’t work. That was when I met Heather. She suggested me to take her treatments. After I took her treatments a few times the knee pain seemed be gone away, and after I took a couple of more treatment I didn’t feel any pain on knees and back.

Heather explains very clearly to me about what and how she would do, and has  a clear vision of how the treatment will be. She also explains everything in a very professional manner, which makes me no worries as she answers my questions clearly. I saw her enthusiasm and professionarism towards her job in her attitude. ~ Yugi

What I tell people about acupuncture is you feel great right away, but it doesn't last forever.  However every time you get treated the amount you drop back down is less. Acupuncture opens up your body to sense what is really good.  If you do anything that is too much, in excess, acupuncture takes you back to the point where you feel level.  You remember and value this feeling, and as a result you change those things that got you out of synch in life, one genuinely take better better care of oneself. In my case, after the first two or three acupuncture treatments, I literally cut my drinking in half.  It went from approximately five bottles of wine a week to three.  Any other addictions that you may have will be much easier to overcome, and this I swear to. This is in addition to decreasing any pain that you may have anywhere on your body.  Heather has truly been a blessing in my life. ~ Gary 

A session with Heather is beyond needles and soothing music, she creates an atmosphere of serenity, coupled with the ambiance of healing, opening up the space for my realignment with balance. My sessions progress and always bring about new sensations and deeper levels of well-being.  Knowledgeable and skilled in the practices of traditional Chinese medicine, Heather creates a space and time where I feel safe and welcomed, blessed with a nourishing environment that encourages my wellness.

The facial rejuvenation treatments are particularly my favorite. The sessions calm the muscles and lines around my forehead and mouth. The blissful state lasts hours after the treatment, and my face is noticeably more vibrant, relaxed, and energetically nourished. ~ Mike